Koch & Co., Inc., where GREEN isn’t just a word but a process

Recycling: Koch has implemented recycling programs for cardboard, wood waste, saw dust and paper. New literature is even being printed on recycled paper and is electronically friendly for our customers. Computers have been installed throughout the production plant so production logs can be viewed electronically, as opposed to printing new logs each day.

Production Waste Reduction: Several pieces of equipment have been introduced to help eliminate waste including optimizing chop saws and onsrud routers. Higher grades of lumber are also being purchased to reduce machining and increase yield.

Lighting: New high efficiency fluorescent lighting has been installed in areas of Koch’s production plants. A 25% reduction in energy is seen by using these bulbs.

Transportation: Koch is encouraging its employees from long distances to car pool by purchasing vans to transport employees to work. Hybrid cars have also been purchased for traveling sales people.

Location: Koch and Company, Inc. is centrally located, minimizing shipping costs and mileage.

Koch & Co., Inc. has been environmentally friendly before “green” became popular. The combination of the use of green products and environmentally friendly business practices has been beneficial not only to the environment, but a common sense business decision for the long term future of the company.

All doors are Carb Phase II compliant.

James Koch President, CEO Koch and Co., Inc.

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